Emissco, a leading manufacturer of fluids and aerosols, has announced the addition of a 120,000-litre capacity AdBlue tank farm at its filling plant in Cheadle, Staffordshire. Designed to support the bottling and distribution of Yara Air1 AdBlue® throughout the UK, the tank farm was installed by KM Tools, a provider of specialised machines, tooling and services to the industrial sector.

Emissco is the premium UK partner of Yara, the world largest manufacturer of AdBlue. The business bottles and distributes Yara Air1 AdBlue® to retailers, garage forecourts, motor factors and repair shops. Filling operations are carried out at a dedicated bottling plant, utilising a bespoke filling machine to bottle AdBlue into 10 litre containers. Additionally, Emissco offers a range of sanitising products as well as fluids and aerosols for automotive professionals, which are also formulated and produced at the site.

Mark Brickhill, CEO at Emissco, explained the need for the new AdBlue tank farm: “AdBlue is a critical product for modern diesel vehicles to comply with the latest emissions standards. The vast majority of commercial vehicle fleets, which are the backbone of many essential services, require AdBlue to operate. We provide packaged Yara Air1 AdBlue® nationwide throughout the UK. To provide this high volume requires large storage capacity, so we invested to further improve our capabilities in this regard, with the target to process and package 16-20 million litres of fluid every year.”

The new AdBlue tank farm consists of four 30,000 litre tanks, which together can hold the capacity of four full tanker lorries. A custom pumping system delivers AdBlue to the bottle filling machine inside the plant. Each tank has dedicated pipework, which prevents cross contamination between batches. The AdBlue tank farm also features electronic controls to manage flow. The entire bespoke system was designed, installed and tested by KM Tools. KM Tools is leading manufacturer of specialised machinery, supplying to OEMs in multiple sectors, including rail, automotive and fluids.

Adrian Degg, Group Engineering Director at KM Tools, added: “We are a leading supplier of bespoke machines, so this was a project we could easily take on. From the initial design stage to completion, the project was finalised within 11 weeks. We designed the electronic controls and pumping systems ourselves, as well as producing the pipework to withstand the crystalline AdBlue fluid. Furthermore, we designed and installed the high capacity filling machine at Emissco, so we have synergy across all equipment at the plant.”

Mark is already seeing the benefits of the AdBlue tank farm: “With this increased storage capacity, we can continue to support the volume requirements of the consumer, commercial and professional markets, ensuring easy access to Yara Air1 AdBlue® throughout the UK. The tank farm has been operational since August and we have already reached the milestone of packaging six million litres of AdBlue within six months, and ahead of schedule.

“Continuous investment is a key policy at Emissco, and we have designed this AdBlue tank farm to easily accommodate extra filling machines and further expansions. This means that diesel vehicle owners can benefit from this essential product.”