The latest face masks launched by UK company Emissco use a patented swiss boundary layer that can deactivate the coronavirus.

Available now from the company’s online shop there are two designs, the Comfort Mask and the N95 Anti-Viral Mask, both offer vastly improved protection when compared to a paper mask or loose weave fabrics.

The N95 version has a breather valve to help with air flow for when the user is likely to breathe harder or wear for longer periods. Both versions are also washable, so can be washed up to 30x times and used up to 200x times while maintaining the anti-viral effectiveness. This extends the usable life of the mask far beyond that of a single use product, significantly reducing the volume of waste compared to disposable masks.

Apart from being pleasant to wear, the defining feature of Emissco’ s Anti-Viral face masks is the smart boundary layer material. Developed, tested and manufactured in Switzerland, the material is designed to deactivate viruses on contact, providing an improved protection factor over that of regular woven mask materials.

The virus deactivation layer was developed in response to the last SARS virus outbreak in 2002-2004 and has now been tested in Germany against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). The textile uses an established principle where the fibres hold a positive electrical charge (like static) at the molecular level. When microbes come into contact with these positive charges, the microbial cell, which is negatively charged, is electro-mechanically broken down and rendered inactive, offering a very significant improvement over any passive face covering.

Individual orders can be made via the company website with free postage and bulk orders made with the sales team. For more information contact Emissco here: