Part of the Klarius group of companies, EMISSCO is a specialist aerosol, liquids, industrial and automotive consumables manufacturer and distribution organisation. As a part of strategic expansion plans for the company, senior industry brand and business development expert Sanjay Khanna has been appointed as the new managing director.

Sanjay joins the business from over a decade of high-profile management roles within top global automotive brand, Goodyear Dunlop. Before that he managed a range of household brands such as Fairy and Gillette in different territories for FMCG giant P&G. He is enthusiastic about the new position and the growth opportunities he sees for the business.

“It’s rare to get the opportunity to help build a UK manufacturing business starting with an experienced operational team and a brand-new state-of-the-art production facility. EMISSCO offers just that, and I am excited to be a part of it.”

The business is advancing through plans for expansion and the board at Klarius regards now as an opportune time for the appointment. Sanjay agrees, “Almost all of my business management and marketing experience spanning from motorsport to consumer products, is relevant to this role.

“There is a substantial amount of production volume in place at EMISSCO delivering physical products for other brands. Having this and everything from machine design and maintenance to a huge nationwide distribution operation onsite, provides ample opportunity for growth.”

Klarius CEO Mark Brickhill adds, “I am delighted to have Sanjay heading-up the EMISSCO team and I can see a huge potential in developing both branded and customer own label products made in the UK for the consumer and automotive, repair and maintenance market.”