The Emissco product range is aimed at the needs of vehicle owners, automotive professionals and distributors who require high quality aerosols and fluids. Manufactured on purpose built, state-of-the-art production lines, Emissco products have quality at their heart. Furthermore, all can be branded, packaged and distributed to your exact requirements.

Emissco Brake Cleaner Aerosol

A solvent cleaner for effectively removing dust and dirt from brakes, delivering improved braking performance by cleaning braking parts.

Emissco Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaner

When applied onto the DPF monolith before forced regeneration, the spray aids in reducing any soot blockages inside the device to effectively clear the diesel emissions control system.

Emissco Maintenance Spray

Designed to offer superior lubrication when applied to vehicle components, maximising the service life of moving parts.

Emissco White Grease Solvent

An ideal selection for removing grease from components during maintenance work, grease is dissolved by the spray to leave a clean finish.

Emissco Diesel System Cleaner

Remove deposits and protect the efficiency of the diesel fuel system by adding to a tank and effectively flushing away build up.

Emissco Petrol System Cleaner

Keep the petrol fuel system clean to maximise vehicle longevity by adding to a tank, removing build-up from injectors.

Emissco Engine Flush

Purge harmful sludge and carbon from the engine, protecting components before the addition of new oil.

Emissco DPF Regeneration

Helps to remove unreduced soot from the DPF to allow for a more efficient regeneration process.

Emissco Aircon Sanitiser

Once sprayed and circulated throughout the air conditioning system, Emissco Aircon Sanitiser refreshes the system to remove odours.

Emissco Vira-Blast

Vira-Blast is an all-in-one complete solution to sanitise your vehicle’s interior whilst helping to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria.